Cookie policy

used on the Website

I. What is the file „Cookie”?

Cookies are single, small text files sent by visited websites and downloaded on the User's computer. The information contained in these files allows you to read information contained in them only by the website that created them. Thus, the website cannot access other files on the User's computer.

II. What the Website uses the cookies for?

Cookies used on the websites of enable appropriate personalization of information displayed on them and presentation of content tailored to the User's needs. They also enable measurements of Users' interactions on the Website.

Cookies are used to adapt and improve the operation of the Website. They also allow you to measure the effectiveness of actions performed on the Website and customizing ads to the individual needs of Users.

Additionally, Cookies allow users to test their preferences to improve the quality of services provided by the Website Administrator.

Examples of the use of cookies on the Website:

  1. using the mechanism of examining Users’ preferences,
  2. remembering the lack of consent for displaying some content in the future,
  3. measuring the effectiveness (conversion tracking) of actions carried out for the Website, e.g. on the Google advertising network, partner programs, affiliate networks,
  4. establishing, maintaining and managing User’s session, as well as remembering language preferences and other settings on the Website,
  5. checking the identity of Users who carry out transactions in the system.

Cookies are also used by related entities:

1.        Google Analytics

2.        Facebook

III. What kind of „cookies” do we use?

On the Websites of following file of cookies might be used:

  1. session - remain on the user's device until leaving the website or turning off the software (web browser)
  2. fixed - remain on the user's device for the time specified in the file parameters or until they are manually removed by the user.

IV. Can you opt out of accepting cookies?

Activities related to storing and sending cookies are supported by web browsers and are invisible to the User. Most browsers accept cookies by default. However, the User can set the browser to reject requests to store all or selected cookies. This can be done through the settings in the browser. However, before you decide to change default settings, remember that many cookies help to increase the convenience of using the site. Disabling cookies can affect how our website will be displayed in your browser.

V. What does the refusal of the use of cookies mean?

Without cookies, you will not be able to log in to your account on the Website.

Lack of acceptance of the use of cookies on the Website makes it impossible to log in and use the system. Cookies used on the Website are used to establish and maintain User’s session in the system and to support the protection of transaction integrity.